Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Where's Magic Bear?

Surprise surprise! Magic Bear is me! Yup, not some random bear who can somehow write in some twisted (or possibly fantasy) world, it's me! An equally strange and (not really) anonymous person who's writing random rants under the name Magic Bear. But yeah; where have I been? Well the truth is, doing stuff. And this stuff has kept me busy for quite a long time. But in a final effort to reopen my blogger life (and a push from a school mandatory blog/notebook), I've decided to return...at least for now. So expect more random rants at random times... or just go to http://pleonasminpoetry.blogspot.com/ for some random (but regularly posted) poetry that I'm writing. Either way, to answer the question in the title, one simply has to look at the bigger picture. That is, the blog post itself. And even the blog itself. Because I was here, and I wrote this, and I'll be back. So to potential readers...until the next big thing. It's coming.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


It's finally 2013! Lots of things happen this year...movies coming out, birthdays, a whole new year...

What do you guys think is best this year?

Please comment!!
-Magic Bear

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mystery 6

      "Looks like we have another case to solve." exclaimed Gogour. Gogour was the new police chief after Byspy's father, Chief Riglo retired.
       "What do we know?" asked Kelnak. "Well," started Gogour. "Mrs. Blipooh's house was broken into as she was on vacation. She was at the beach for a week, and then, when she came back, her front door was unlocked, and her gold necklace was gone. But the funny thing was that she had insuranced the necklace for over twice it's value."
        "Hmm...... I think we should question Mrs. Blipooh and the suspects." Kelnak suggested. "I agree." said Chief Gogour. Poohross popped in. "She's still waiting in the office." he told them. "Tell her to come in." commanded Kelnak.
          A few minutes later, they were all sitting at Gogour's desk. The suspects and Mrs. Blipooh were lined up in armchairs. Kelnak was standing nearby with Officer Zepioh.
          "Tell us what happened." said Gogour. "Well, I came into my house and found the front door unlocked. At first I just assumed I simply had forgotten to lock it. Then I went upstairs. I saw the cabnit swinging wide open, and the necklace was gone! So I raced downstairs and went straight to you."
           Then they interrogated the two suspects. The first, Mr. Loxooh, said, "I was in my garden planting flowers. I was on the opposite side of the house, so I didn't know anything." The other suspect, Poohlotso, said,  "I was inside reading, and I couldn't see or hear anything."
            Next, they went to Mrs. Blipooh's house. Kelnak had said he "was curious about how it looked."
            They went in. Kelnak, upon sighting the stairs, went straight up. None of them paused anywhere, so it was a quick search.
             "I don't have a clue on who did it, though I assume it was one of the suspects." Kelnak said as he swung his coat from the hook near Mrs. Blipooh's doorway.
             "No?" Gogour smiled. "I know exactly who did it."


Monday, July 16, 2012

More Poems 1



Useful, Electric,
Spinning, Hauling, Buzzing,
Used in many things,

Free Verse:

The Moon

The master of the tides,
Circling the earth for eternity,
When the sun goes down,
The moon wakes up,
A glimmer of hope.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Secret Code 1

Can you decode this?


If you want a hint, highlight the following space: there are three words

If you want another hint, highlight the following space: add I (IV......)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This Saturday I'm going camping!

Plus, I'm inviting Poohret! I was going to invite Reanuye, but she's on vacation at the Rebonato Wildlife Zoo in Rebonato, No-snow-ultraplace (humans call it California).

It's on Saturday!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Warriors (novel series)

Since last post, I have been reading a novel series: Warriors. It tells about wild forest cats (Clan Cats) and house cats (kittypets). From now on, I will occasionally write stories about them, or write summaries about these cats.

Good Reading!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cinquain 6 and 7

quick, sleek,
running, clawing, hunting,
pouncing on quick prey,

smart, clever,
jumping, helping, climbing,
playing with her friends,
Black bear.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chapter 7: Chombombbeer Tunnel (continued)

"Oh, no!" said Poohes in disappointment. But he didn't worry. Because just then, something caught his eye! He saw a big hole in the ceiling next to the wall, and Poohes could fit through! He walked over to the hole and peered at the wall. There were slots in the wall, as it wanting Poohes to climb up through the hole. He climbed.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Words in the words "Memorial Day":

Moral, year, lord, road, deal, memory, lame, dimmer, mole, moe, demo, real, lair, liar, year, dare, Mary, memo, mild, mold, model, oreo, meal, lid, lad, mom, yam, may/May, rim, rial, made, lamely, yearly, early, airy, dimly, dam, mad, madly, daily, day, rid, mile, moldy, rod, lay, led.